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   This dubcast album represents the culmination of a a project conceptualized nearly a decade ago. To do a fluid record that blends hip hop, roots reggae and dub poetry into one stream of consciousness. This concept album is "Astronomy".

As artists, our function is as much to speak on the reality of our times, as to inspire hope for a better future. Music as a medium allows me to express perspectives outside of the norms of typical discourse surrounding Life and Creation, perspectives that challenge the status quo of what is considered philosophy or education. To invite audiences beyond the comfort zone of listenership into a space of self-reflection is a necessity for a creative existence, to which I remain committed. Something we must all do, in order to prevent the wardants of lifelessness to sequester our intelligence.

I hope that you support this work, as well as the upcoming releases from Music Is Healing.

Thank you for your consideration!


1. Indalah
2. The Messaij 
3. P.C.
4. Ideology
5. Long Time
6. Back in Space
7. The Pen
8. Galactic Inna Mission
9. Horizon (Akwerian Dub Mix)
10. Hail H.I.M.
11. Laws of Earth
12. Rolla
13. Riddim of Creation
14. Jah is my Light
15. Dem Think Seh
16. Hail His Majesty
17. Evolution
18. Babylon I'm Leavin' 

Released: Dec 12, 2019
℗ 2019 Music Is Healing

Album Credits

Producer, Mixed and Mastered by

Musical Collaborations
Felix Fantasia - drum programming(1), production(6,7,12)
Derek Wood - production(7,12)
Max Rivera - production(15)
Brandon Scott - production(17)
Michael Donoghue - drum programming,production(18)
Elliott Marannis - bass(18)
Andrew Vignati - guitar(18)

Guest Vocalists
Talia Pique, "Indalah"
Rylee De La Roots, "The Pen"