Age of Akwerius (Season #1)

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Amen Ra (2020)

A Circadian Riddims collaboration

Resist (2020)

A Circadian Riddims collaboration

Babylon I'm Leavin' (2018)

This is the remix version of a song first featured on Sonrise. The original was produced and recorded by Storm Before the Calm (Chicago, IL) but the song was later remixed by 7th Haus and re-released on the Astronomy album, after the music video had been made for it in 2018 in Boston, MA.
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Morning Star (2013)

A Circadian Riddims production.
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Children of the Storm (2010)

Poetry by kwe. Music by Felix Fantasia & Derek Wood.

Mr. Prezident (2002)

First single off the Sonrise album, produced by Cuzmosis and recorded by Jeremy Page at Cybersound Studios (Boston, MA). Music video released in 2011 by Afro Roots Hop Films.
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1. Indalah
2. The Messaij 
3. P.C.
4. Ideology
5. Long Time
6. Back in Space
7. The Pen
8. Galactic Inna Mission
9. Horizon (Akwerian Dub Mix)
10. Hail H.I.M.
11. Laws of Earth
12. Rolla
13. Riddim of Creation
14. Jah is my Light
15. Dem Think Seh
16. Hail His Majesty
17. Evolution
18. Babylon I'm Leavin' 

Released: Dec 12, 2019
℗ 2019 Music Is Healing

Album Credits

Producer, Mixed and Mastered by

Musical Collaborations
Felix Fantasia - drum programming(1), production(6,7,12)
Derek Wood - production(7,12)
Max Rivera - production(15)
Brandon Scott - production(17)
Michael Donoghue - drum programming,production(18)
Elliott Marannis - bass(18)
Andrew Vignati - guitar(18)

Guest Vocalists
Talia Pique, "Indalah"
Rylee De La Roots, "The Pen"


Dirges of Becoming is kwe's first collection of poetry published by Afro Roots Hop press in 2010. The poem 'The Wind' was first published in Contrary Magazine in 2003, in Chicago, Illinois. Dawn (the soundtrack to the book) - was released in 2011 in a triune collaboration with Derek Wood (Guitarist) and Felix Fantasia (Bassist) of Circadian Riddims Productions and Arkitek (Gilead Balm records).

The music was written and recorded between studios in Brockton, MA and Weed, CA. Dawn is the first in a series of upcoming print releases from Afro Roots Hop Press!

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