Age of Akwerius (Season #1)

music videos.

Amen Ra

prod. Circadian Riddims

Latest single from the Bright Side (Music Is Healing)

Song of Ascents

prod. Afro Roots Hop

From the upcoming BRIGHT SIDE album

Babylon I'm Leavin'

prod. 7th Haus

Single release off the Astronomy album. Video directed by kwe and shot on location in and around Boston, MA.

Morning Star

prod. Afro Roots Hop

A Circadian Riddims collaboration

Born & Raised

prod. Circadian Riddims

Shot on location in Accra (Ghana) & Yaounde (Cameroon)

Everything is Everything

prod. Music Is Healing

Written, produced and filmed by kwe.

Mr. Prezident

prod. Cuzmosis

From the Sonrise album

short film.

Re:Turn to the Healing Grounds from Afro Roots Hop Films.