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"Singing songs of praise is likely the most important thing human beings can do at this time," Akwerius says. It is written in the Scriptures that man is to put God first, in every endeavor, that all things may be added. There’s no better way for me to do this then sing devotional songs like the ones in this album. In them, there’s mourning and sorrow too, but there’s always gratitude, hope and consolation to lift you above it, into the Bright Side."

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"From the ends of the Earth
to the limits of the Firmament gates"

Hail His Majesty

1. Love Rule
2. Song of Ascents 
3. Roots & Branches
4. Hail His Majesty
5. King of Glory
6. Mountain Song (Invocation)
7. Glorian Praises
8. Amen Ra 
9. In the Ites
10. Unto Him
11. Be Not Silent
12. Christ & Disciples
13. Bright Side
BONUS (Remix) - Resist  


Released: July 23, 2021
℗ 2021 Music Is Healing
Mount Shasta, CA 96067


Arranged, Produced and Performed by

Musical Collaborations
Guitar: Derek Wood, kwe
Bass: Felix Fantasia, Don Scott, Jeff Jones
Drums: Brian West, Songo, Warren Harper
Keys: Yusaku Yushimura, Max Rivera, kwe
Saxophone: Ken Field, Keith Waters
Flute: Ken Field, kwe
Melodica/Percussion: kwe
Guest Vocalists: Talia Pique, Dinquenesh SheRa, Nga Han, Cordelia Moye

Includes lyrics and songsheets

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