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   "RESIST" is an anthem of faith, hope and resilience for uncertain times. A Music Is Healing offering. This promo video is the second single release off the upcoming "Bright Side" album.

This collaboration with Boston-based production crew Circadian Riddims and poet/vocalist Cordelia Moye was recorded during Spring 2020.

Originally composed in 2015, the music itself has been rearranged for a fuller sound to support the poignancy and urgency of the message.

The song was inspired by a fervent faith in Divine Justice and Providence before whom all deeds, thoughts and words are to be accounted for, regardless of race, color, class or creed. As the machinations of these times peak to their gruesome crescendo, confidence and trust in rumors and wars are distracting humanity from its true purpose which this song aims to remind us all of, that we may return to the path of life by walking in union with the Creator.

Resist the temptation of division, for all people is one nation.

Song Credits

Produced and Mixed by
Circadian Riddims

Musical Collaborations
kwe - vocals, melodica
Derek Wood - guitar/keys
Felix Fantasia - bass/keys
Songo - drums
Cordelia Moye - vocals

Released: June 1, 2020
℗ 2020 Music Is Healing